Academic Urology Research Explores Treatment Options for Advanced Prostate Cancer

Physicians at Academic Urology are enrolling patients in a new study of treatment options for men with castration-resistant prostate cancer (CRPC).

The study will help determine if men diagnosed with CRPC—an advanced form of prostate cancer—produce certain protein or nucleic acid markers in response to different drugs. The study could help doctors better predict how men with CRPC might respond to different treatments, with the goal of matching the patient with the most effective treatment.

A common method for fighting prostate cancer involves lowering the production or effect of male hormones that can encourage the cancer’s growth in the body. CRPC is diagnosed when these treatment options lose their effectiveness and the cancer spreads to other parts of the body. 

The study at Academic Urology—headed up by Jose Moreno, MD—will compare men who receive one of three different immuno-therapy drugs—Provenge®, Xtandi®, or Zytiga® --for the treatment of their CRPC. Patients will simply provide blood and urine samples at different stages of treatment.

“With the help of our patients who volunteer for this study, we hope to identify if certain markers within the body can predict the effectiveness of treatment,” said Dr. Moreno. “This could help advance the options for men facing advanced prostate cancer.”

Each of Academic Urology’s 25 urologists are investigators on this study.  The physicians are enrolling men in each of Academic Urology's divisions and locations. 

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